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Mother’s Day Watch Guide: Tips Before Buying Mom A Gift

Purchase a fashionable watch for mom this Mother’s Day after reading this guide from our experts at Swiss Watch Gallery in Mission Viejo and Brea, California.

There is much to think about when you decide to buy a watch for a mom. Designer timepieces are expensive, and their varieties are endless. Moms deserve the world, so you want to choose the best watch for her. Our experts at Swiss Watch Gallery have put together this guide to find a gift that she’ll never forget.

Think About Mom

Like when you think about buying a gift for anyone, buying a present for a mom requires you to think about her lifestyle. Does she swim or bike? A dive watch or rubber band may be best for their active life. A dainty dress watch or glamorous timepiece may match her fashion sense better. Stay close to colors and metal tones that you know that she already wears in jewelry or other watches.

Complications like chronographs can be particularly useful for professionals and athletes. For runners, a chronograph acts like a stopwatch, allowing them to measure their running speed. If she works remotely, a GMT can show the time in multiple timezones, which can help them coordinate meetings.

Materials Matter

Think about the mom you plan on buying this watch for. Will she want a leather strap or a metal bracelet for her watch? Some find leather straps more comfortable than their metal counterparts. If she already wears a watch, are you hoping to replace the one she currently wears or provide an alternative style? Try and catch a glimpse of her collection. You can always buy a different tone or color than she usually wears to liven things up.

A Personal Gift for a Mother

Remember that you are buying a gift for a mother that you want to celebrate. Pick out a timepiece that will bring a smile to her face and make her see that you acknowledge all she is and does daily. It may feel stressful trying to pick out something that they will adore, but, to most, it truly is the thought that matters the most.

A fun idea could be to go shopping together and make a whole day out of it. Ask your jeweler about their return policy or gift vouchers in case you want them to be able to choose their watch on their time. Spending time with them and getting a new way to keep track of it will be a wonderful memory to think about over the years.

Timepieces for Mother’s Day at Swiss Watch Gallery

We house a fantastic selection of designer timepieces at Swiss Watch Gallery, all of which are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. Our helpful teams will be able to assist you with finding a new piece of luxury at our Mission Viejo and our Brea locations. We look forward to building relationships with our customers to continue to help them throughout their lifetime. Visit either of our beautiful showrooms and find an excellent shopping experience.


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