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Modern Engagement Ring Styles

January 26th, 2024

A pear shaped center stone with halo and interweaving band

Guide to Modern Engagement Ring Styles

The timeless diamond engagement ring has been around for centuries, forged in many different variations to appeal to a plethora of aesthetic preferences. Modern designers continue to innovate to create fresh and exciting silhouettes for contemporary brides. We’re proud to boast an inventory of expressive and eccentric engagement ring designs by some of the most influential brands in the industry.

Hidden Halos Engagement Rings

Halo settings have been beloved for decades for their ability to make the center stone appear larger and more brilliant, characterized by center stones whose perimeter is lined by accent stones, typically round cut diamonds. Hidden halos offer a new approach to this form by placing the halo below the center stone, where it is only visible from the ring’s profile. This setting utilizes a typically underutilized plane of the ring to add even more sparkle.

An oval halo engagement ring on the hand of a woman holding the hand of her love

Oval Cut Halo Rings

For a ring that is romantic and regal with an air of whimsy and youth, opt for an oval cut halo ring. Oval cut diamonds already offer great brilliance as they are essentially an elongated round cut. Halos only serve to add to its level of shine. You might even opt for an extravagant double or triple halo for a bold look.

Split Shank Rings

A ring’s "shank" is the area of the band surrounding the center stone. A split shank ring features cuts in the band on either side of the stone. These cuts can span only a few millimeters or almost the entirety of the band. They make exciting use of negative space, giving the rings a light and airy feel.

An engagement ring in the ring box with interweaving bands and a halo

Bezel Engagement Rings

Bezel settings offer a sleek and distinctive alternative to timeless prong settings, characterized by a band of metal that lines the center stone’s perimeter. It provides excellent protection to the stone's edges while offering a futuristic and modern chic that many adore. However, it covers more surface area than other ring settings, letting less light into the gem.

Intertwining Engagement Rings

Similar to split shank rings, intertwining shank rings feature dynamic shanks that often use negative space. Split shanks are characterized by split bands that overlap and twist together, creating visual movement and exciting texture. Some intertwining shanks are loose and open, while others are more tightly wound, not allowing for any negative space.

A radiant stone in a solitaire setting shining in the sunset

Shop Modern Engagement Rings at Swiss Watch Gallery

Whatever modern engagement ring style you’re looking for, we’re certain you’ll find an option you adore from among our inventory here at Swiss Watch Gallery. Our Mission Viejo and Brea, California jewelry stores have impeccable and unparalleled inventories that you can browse with the expert assistance of our amiable and experienced staff. Contact us today with any questions about our products and services, or browse our inventory on our website.