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Engagement Ring Settings

January 19th, 2024

Split shank side stone details on this halo ring a bride is wearing is her beaded dress holding a bouquet of flowers

About Engagement Ring Settings

Choosing an engagement ring setting is an exciting decision that marks a new and thrilling chapter in your life. The options are endless, offering the perfect design for every bride. The setting is one of the most important parts of the ring as it determines the silhouette of the ring itself. Accent stones set in prong, pave, or channel settings can maximize the vibrance of your ring, while symbolic settings may call more to you and your love story. In choosing your setting, select the style that most appeals to your unique personality and aesthetic preferences.

A solitaire diamond ring in an open blue ring box being held out by a person

Solitaire Rings

Solitaire rings have remained the most popular setting for decades because of their timeless style. The standalone diamond in this setting is perfect for a confident and traditional bride. The versatility of the solitaire setting has inspired designers to define their rings with hidden diamond detailing and intricate metalwork to dazzle of any carat weight. Choose from metals such as the popular white and yellow gold, or choose the increasingly desired, shimmering, and durable platinum.

Three Stone Rings

Three stone rings embody the shine of your love’s past, present, and future and are often referred to as the trilogy ring for this reason. Two stones of the same or smaller size flank the center stone to increase the overall brilliance of the ring. In choosing this style of engagement ring, one allows for plenty of customization through the shape and arrangement of the stones. Round stones evoke a feminine sophistication, while elongated stones, such as a teardrop, oval, or emerald cut gems, increase the reflective surface area for more sparkle. Baguette diamonds are an excellent choice for the side stones to finish off this coveted style.

A man holding the hand of a woman with an oval cut halo ring with dainty diamonds all along the band

Side Stone Rings

Side stone rings feature smaller stones set delicately across the shank that glamorously frame the center stone and create movement, drawing the eye along the band of the ring. These rings dazzle in any setting type, from pave to channel, symmetrically catching the light from all angles. While side stone rings can easily feature a great number of cuts, princess and emerald cuts are a premiere choice for the center stone, as their flat sides are accommodating for accent stones of any shape. Side stone rings are also known for their seamless inclusion of intricate detailing to take the elegance of the ring to the next level.

Halo Rings

Halo settings emphasize the center stones by encircling them in the gemstones of choice. Halos are popular because of the balance they can bring to the cut and carat of the center stone, softening sharper cuts such as a cushion diamond and increasing the appearance of any carat. For those who prefer a more subtle elegance, the hidden halo introduces the amplified sparkle while keeping all eyes on the center stone, with the halo only visible from the side view of the ring. The mirage of brilliant diamonds in a halo ring is nothing short of sensational.

Three women showing off their engagement rings: a halo princess cut with diamonds along the band, a cushion side stone ring, and a round cut with channel set emerald cut stones

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