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Guide to Diamond Shapes from Swiss Watch Gallery

January 4th, 2024

Loose Diamonds

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

Each diamond cut brings a uniqueness to an engagement ring as one of a kind as your love. The diamond cut is the single most important factor in determining the look of your ring. Is your personal style more modern and cutting edge, or do you gravitate more to the timeless romantic styles? Our jewelers at Swiss Watch Gallery can help you find the perfect fit for you with our expert guide.

Round Cut Diamonds

The timeless round cut diamond has won the hearts of most brides for centuries.The sensational brilliance of the fifty-eight facets catching the light is unrivaled. The rich history of the round cut has evolved its design through centuries of artisan expertise, technological innovation and inspiration. Perfect for any setting or ring style, a round diamond is perfect for the bride who dreams of a fairy tale wedding day.

Diamond shape

Princess Cut Diamonds

The iconic princess cut offers a sharper design with the same brilliance of a round cut. Since its inception in the 1960s, this cut has quickly risen in favor with its distinctive geometric aesthetic and sleek edges that introduce contrast to the ring. A sparkling halo adds extra glamour to a princess cut diamond. Princess cut diamonds are the best choice for the modern bride who is feminine, confident, and sophisticated.


Oval Cut Diamonds

The increased surface area of the oval cut maximizes its radiance while its elongated curves truly sets its shape apart. The lengthened shape slims the wearer’s finger. Its softer edges both maintain its feminine appearance and protect the diamond from chipping or catching. Complementing a graceful oval center stone with stunning side stones balances the shape and only further amplifies its luminosity. For an absolutely one of a kind ring, set an oval cut diamond in a regal rose gold.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

For those that are attracted to the oval cut’s elongated shape but prefer sharper more defined edges, the emerald cut showcases parallel facets that create a striking hall of mirrors effect. Emerald cut diamonds are even more desirable because of their rarity, with only 3% of the world’s diamonds qualifying because of the high clarity grade that produces a magnificent depth to the beholding eye. Emerald cut diamonds are best suited to a solitaire setting so that the streamlined shape is most prominent, but can look ravishing when framed by delicate side stones in a baguette cut.


Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear shaped diamonds marry the softer rounding of an oval cut with the chic point of a marquise diamond. This diamond is fit for a high-class socialite that radiates elegance and poise. The shape itself can be tailored to the bride’s preference. A slimmer and more elongated shape could be desired, or decreased length with increased width and surface area to catch the light. While a halo setting can add sparkle to the ring, these diamonds are effortlessly beautiful in a solitaire setting.