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When to Wed: Selecting Your Wedding Date

December 15th, 2022

A flower arrangement on a pew at a wedding with the bride and groom at the altar in the background

After spending hours painstakingly selecting the perfect engagement ring for your sweetheart, you popped the question and she said yes. Now, it is time to start planning your wedding. Choosing the date to wed is the first step in wedding planning. This way, your friends and loved ones have enough time to make arrangements to be at your big day. Here are some topics to think about as you are debating on which date is the most magical for your wedding.

Image of a person’s hands while writing in a planner with coffee and a croissant nearby

Give Yourself Time

Wedding planning can be rather stressful, so it is best to give yourself plenty of time to be able to plan everything down to the finest detail. Also, this helps ensure that you will be able to book your dream venue and vendors with plenty of time in advance. Ideally, you should give yourself about a full year to plan your wedding.

A study done in 2019 revealed that the average engagement lasts 15 months. However, if you find yourself working better under a tight deadline and stressing over big assignments, consider shortening that time to six months of planning. It may be a full-sprint race to the finish line, but it will be worth it.

White chairs lined up in rows at a wedding with guests in the background

Start With a Season

Deciding on which season of the year you’d like to have your wedding in is a great place to start. At this stage, there is no immediate pressure of choosing the exact day. Many couples prefer to choose a season that represents their personality.

Are you a free-spirited couple with matching life-of-the-party attitudes? Consider having a summer wedding, with sparkling tropical-inspired cocktails and sunset-illuminated landscapes. Or, are you a laid-back couple who prefers to stay inside, snuggling your worries away while sipping hot cocoa? Think about a winter wedding, dancing in richly-colored opulence while the snow softly falls outside.

Bridesmaids getting ready on a wedding day, standing in front of a mirror

Think About Your Must-Haves

Check in with those who you must have at your wedding - parents, grandparents, and best friends. Make sure the date you are considering works for them. Take note of any special events, pregnancies, or health limitations they may have around the date of your wedding.

Also, consider your preferred venues. If these venues are well-known and popular, they may not have the date you are considering available, so you will have to re-evaluate. If you are planning a destination wedding, be sure to research and plan around hurricane season and other miserable weather conditions.

Bride and groom in the backseat of a car, resting their heads on one another’s and smiling

Add a Personal Touch

Brainstorm any dates that are meaningful to you and your partner. This is a unique opportunity to add a sense of personalization into your wedding, and you are much less likely to accidentally forget an anniversary.

Some chose to marry on the day they first met or the day they officially became a couple. While you may not be able to marry on that exact date, you should be able to get fairly close. You can also include this significant detail in your ceremony programs for an extra hint of romance.

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