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Understanding Diamond Settings

February 15th, 2022

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Diamonds might be the signature stone of fine jewelry, but the setting is what truly makes the piece they are placed in. This humble term refers to the ring itself, whether it is a strip of interweaving platinum covered in pavé set diamonds or a minimalist silver solitaire. These settings are unique and bring their own aesthetic details that provides an atmosphere for the jewel to be its best. There are quite a few settings available. Here is an overview of the most popular varieties and the loveliness they convey.

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Pavé is Meant For Thee

In pavé settings, small diamonds are displayed in a linear fashion. They are arranged close and tight using metal beads, creating a distinctly breathtaking and brilliant display. The micropavé setting is especially magnificent as it utilizes multiple rows of diamonds that radiate beauty and opulence. For maximum diamonds and minimum metal, a French pavé is also an option. This setting uses larger diamonds and less metal for an incredible display.

For lovers of spectacular beauty, a pavé setting is ideal. Their shine and shimmer provide a mesmerizing view that is nearly unparalleled.

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Prong For Long

The prong is a classic, minimalist setting wherein the center stone is held securely by a tight metal claw. This claw can be in a plethora of forms and shapes, but each is relatively simplistic. This is the most popular setting, likely due to its accessibility and the attention it draws to wach stone. The shared prong setting holds multiple diamonds that are larger than those typically used in pavé settings. More light sparkles through them for a more luminescent effect.

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Channel Your Intuition

A channel setting is similar to a pavé in that an array of smaller diamonds is arranged in a row. In this setting, however, the diamonds are held within a crease in the band. This setting exudes modern style and class, allowing the magnificent metal to flaunt its own beauty. Some rings even use different types of metal for an especially interesting design. This setting is also very secure, as the diamonds are held tightly.

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Bezel to Embezzle

Bezel settings are when the diamond is set into a rim of precious metal. This dramatic setting draws attention to the gem in an uncommon modern style that makes it look larger. It is also perfect for keeping a diamond secure and is thus excellent for engagement rings meant to be worn every day. Bezel settings allow for a more unique, secure ring.

Understanding Diamond Settings 0

Get Set on Diamond Settings at Swiss Watch Gallery

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