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Top Jewelry Gifts at Every Price Point

August 15th, 2022

woman reviewing necklace

For generations, people have been looking at jewelry as a luxurious gift for the most special people and the most important moments. Due to their valuable materials, jewelry tends to be expensive. However, that does not mean it’s inaccessible for everyone. There are plenty of luxurious and glamorous pieces of jewelry that can be found at a suitable price. Our team at Swiss Watch Gallery have put together a guide of beautiful jewelry at a variety of price points to work with any budget.

chain under 100

Under $100: Chains

There are not many options available at this price point, but some still exist. Chain bracelets and necklaces are easy to wear and layer. As these do not require many materials in regard to volume, you can boost precious metals in the gift-giving process.

silver earring under 200

Under $200: Silver

If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get a lot. At this price range, sterling silver pieces become available. Hardy and elegant, they go with any outfit through its neutral sparkling aesthetic.

gemstone ring under 500

Under $500: Gemstones

While diamonds are certainly gemstones, the term “gemstone jewelry” refers to colorful jewels. This includes passionate rubies, sophisticated sapphires, opulent opals, pretty peridots, and more. Not all colorful gemstones are found at this price point, but the options are endless. Note the presence of birthstones: you can easily get a more personalized present by corresponding the gift to their birth month.

gold necklace under 1000

Under $1,000: Gold

Gold has been a symbol of wealth and glamor for thousands of years. Considered sacred by some religions and cultures, it forms the backbone of many countries' economies. Give a loved one a gift of this regal precious metal.

diamonds under 1500

Under $1,500: Diamonds

There’s nothing more attractive and mesmerizing than a diamond. These colorless gemstones are the ultimate in luxury materials, both in price and reputation. This icon of romance, jewelry, and class is brilliant and peerlessly radiant. Finally, at this price point, diamonds start to step into the light they deserve.

couple looking at jewelry

Find the Best Jewelry for Every Budget at Swiss Watch Gallery

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