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The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks

March 15th, 2022

The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks 0

While those born in other months may have a difficult time finding jewelry that showcases their birthstone, those born in April do not have that problem. That is because they have the diamond as their birthstone, a jewel that is used in a myriad of the finest and most beautiful pieces. These dazzling items of jewelry make perfect gifts. Whether you are buying for someone else or yourself, here are some of our picks from our Swiss Watch Gallery showroom.

The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks 0

Stunning Studs

There are few pieces more timeless and classic than the diamond stud earring. These studs may be small, but they pack quite a punch. Due to their effortless radiance, they provide a rare and enchanting beauty to any outfit. They accentuate with fiery brilliance and can be worn for many occasions.

This set of teardrop-shaped diamond studs makes the perfect gift. They have an unusual and eccentric shape that evokes a potent, but understated, elegance. Since they do not conform with most diamond studs, it is unlikely that the receiver already owns such a unique but fashionable set.

The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks 0

Spectacular Necklaces

Necklaces can act as the centerpiece for an outfit as they lie at the very center of one’s silhouette. As such, a diamond necklace makes an ensemble spectacular and enchanting. With a fashionable diamond necklace, the wearer is assured to receive compliments from everyone who sees it. They are made even more unique due to their status as the April birthstone, which makes them excellent conversation pieces as well.

This 18k rose gold and diamond circle pendant is a colorful and wondrous bauble with a mesmerizing and radiant design. It features a diamond halo set in pink precious gold surrounding a larger center diamond. It is perfect for anyone who favors bold and bombastic looks.

Sophisticated Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are an ideal way to add elegance and brilliance to any attire. They come in a variety of styles, from bold and thick to refined and thin. An understated piece can be a great companion to a casual outfit and a show-stopping piece may elevate your style to the spotlight.

The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks 0

Stackable Fashion Rings

Fashion rings make for excellent gifts that come in a myriad of fantastic styles. They can be simplistic strips of gold with minimalist metalwork or artistic with daring silhouettes. As they are meant to be worn stacked with multiple others, it is nearly impossible to have too many of them.

This vintage-inspired silver and diamond ring has three bands in one for a complex and dazzling display. While some rings may be difficult to notice due to their small size, this one is sure to draw the eye.

The Ultimate April Birthstone Jewelry Picks 0

Celebrate April Birthdays with a Diamond from Swiss Watch Gallery

At Swiss Watch Gallery, we ensure that each and every customer has an unforgettable shopping experience. Our trained and skilled staff is eager to help you find birthstone jewelry of every sort, as well as show you luxury designer timepieces. Call our Mission Viejo showroom at (949) 364-2500 and our Brea location at (714) 617-2700 for more information regarding our services and selection.