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Planning Your Dream October Wedding

September 15th, 2022

Planning Your Dream October Wedding 0

With its crisp weather and stunning scenery, October is an ideal time to get married. Your wedding should uniquely express your and your partner’s love story. Elements of your aesthetic preferences and personalities should influence the spirit and look of the day. There are several things to consider when planning an October wedding that will accurately reflect your relationship. Our experts at Swiss Watch Gallery have put together a few tips for orchestrating the perfect day.

Planning Your Dream October Wedding 0

Choose Your Wedding Ensemble

Your wedding dress or suit should be an elevated version of your style. For an October wedding, you’ll also need to consider the pieces that will work well with the weather. Consider the location of your wedding and choose a silhouette and material that suits the projected temperatures of that day.

Choose Your Wedding Colors

When you think of October, the colors that come to mind are warm tones like yellow, orange, and brown, reminiscent of the fall leaves. Take inspiration from the season when it comes to your wedding colors, especially if your wedding is outdoors. This will make for phenomenal photos you will adore for years.

Planning Your Dream October Wedding 0

Choose Your Wedding Bands

Visit a jewelry store with your partner and the engagement ring to find wedding bands that will perfectly communicate your personalities. Bringing the engagement ring with you is essential to finding a band that will complement it in terms of shape and style.

You may also want to choose wedding bands with repeating design elements like metalwork or finish type for a cohesive set of rings that pair you together.

Planning Your Dream October Wedding 0

Choose Your Wedding Jewelry

When selecting your wedding jewelry, it is essential to consider your wedding ensemble and your wedding colors or theme to create a look that meshes well with all of the design elements of the day. For instance, you will want to choose pieces that compliment the cut and materials of your dress or suit and coincide well with the colors of your flowers, decorations, and your wedding party’s ensembles.

We at Swiss Watch Gallery are proud to house a vast selection of designer jewelry that would make ideal wedding accessories.

Choose Your Wedding Party Gifts

You’ll likely want to choose a meaningful and lasting gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen to thank them for standing by your side on this special day. Jewelry makes phenomenal wedding party gifts that can double as accessories to unify the party and their ensembles on the wedding day. Matching stud earrings for your bridesmaids or sleek bracelets for your groomsmen are a few fitting options.

Planning Your Dream October Wedding 0

Shop Wedding Jewelry at Swiss Watch Gallery

We at Swiss Watch Gallery would be truly delighted to help outfit you with wedding jewelry for one of the most important days of your life. We are confident you will find fitting pieces among the designer selection in our pristine Brea and Mission Viejo, California jewelry stores.

Our capable and experienced staff will expertly guide you through our inventory to find the best pieces that suit your needs. Contact us today with any questions about our products and services.