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Myths About Watch Maintenance

May 15th, 2023

Man checks his fantastic, well-maintained timepiece while on a hike

Maintaining a watch is a complicated process, but it is essential to retaining its value and ensuring its longevity. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation about how to properly care for a watch, which can lead to costly mistakes. From cleaning the watch to oiling the movement, there are many aspects to maintaining a watch, and it's essential to stay informed to avoid damaging your timepiece.

Myth 1: Watch Winders Are Essential

Watch winders are a popular accessory among watch enthusiasts, however you should consider how they are utilized for the best method for your watch collection. While they are designed to keep manual and automatic watches wound when not worn, they could potentially cause more harm than good. Many experts believe that keeping the watch wound up all the time can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the movement, leading to rather costly repairs down the line. Although some collectors swear by their watch winders, others find them to be unnecessary and prefer to wind their watches manually when they wear them. The decision to use one or not more lies in your personal decision and lifestyle habits.

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Myth 2: You Don’t Need The Box

Keeping a watch's original certificate and box is essential for any serious watch collector. These documents provide proof of the watch's authenticity and provenance, which is important for maintaining its value. Without the original paperwork, proving that the watch is authentic can be challenging, which can significantly impact its value. The original box also protects the watch from damage, which is especially important if you plan to resell it. By keeping the watch's original certificate and box, you can ensure you have all the necessary documentation to prove its authenticity and protect its value over time.

Myth 3: Regular Maintenance Is Overrated

Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your watch remains in good condition and maintains its value over time. Bringing your watch to a jeweler for regular maintenance allows them to identify any issues before they become more significant problems. Regular maintenance can include cleaning, lubricating, and regulating the watch's movement to ensure that it's keeping accurate time. Proper maintenance can also help to identify any damage or wear to the watch's case or band and can help to prevent these issues from worsening over time. Ultimately, regular maintenance is an investment in your timepiece's long-term health and value.

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Myth 4: Professional Cleaning Only

In addition to regular professional maintenance, regular at-home cleaning is also essential for maintaining the value of your watch. Over time, dirt, grime, and dust can accumulate on the watch's surface and in the nooks and crannies of its band and case. Regular cleaning can help to prevent this buildup and keep your watch looking its best. When cleaning your watch at home, it's important to use the proper tools and techniques to avoid damaging it. A soft-bristled brush, a microfiber cloth, and a gentle cleaning solution (especially soap and water) can go a long way in keeping your watch in good condition. Of course, this is an important supplement to regular maintenance visits at your trusted jeweler.

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