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Guide to Layering Necklaces

February 15th, 2023

A woman wearing three yellow gold necklaces: a large gemstone pendant that’s longest, a shorter and smaller metal pendant, and then the shortest necklaces is a gold paperclip chain necklace

A precisely layered necklace stack can evoke an unmistakable, expressive style. The combination of several complementary pieces, a necklace stack can provide a detailed and diverse chic. However, creating a necklace stack can be complicated. These chained accessories can get tangled, while too many pieces can be relatively gaudy. If you’re planning on donning a fantastic necklace stack, learn how to wear it right with Swiss Watch Gallery.

A woman at the beach sitting on the hood of her car wearing multiple beaded necklaces at different lengths with an even longer gold circle pendant necklace

Length Variety

Necklace starts are a collection of individual pieces. The viewer should be able to see every piece and take note of their quality, detail, and artistry. As a result, every piece should have a different chain length. Make sure that this length isn’t too close – there should be tight pendants and long chains. You’ll want a pendant below the collarbone and a chain or station necklace hanging much lower.

While it’s not ideal, some places offer removable extenders that can increase a chain’s length. They are very helpful for layering if no other options are available. However, they diminish the authenticity of the piece.

Pearl and chain accents make these three gold and pearl necklaces stand out yet stay cohesive

Accentuating Styles

The best necklace stacks showcase a myriad of unique pieces. That way, they can reveal what makes each necklace distinct and special. Minimalist pieces can showcase their elegant nature while accentuating their statement-making counterparts. In addition to styles, contrasts different sizes. Let thicker chains complement slender pieces to create a vibrant and chic display.

Contrast the contemporary with vintage or floral-inspired designs to show what makes each stand out; gold flowers look fantastic and charming paired with subdued modern pieces.

A woman watching the sunset while wearing two gold medallion necklaces, one on a shorter chain and smaller pendant than the other

Pick a Point

It’s essential to pick a centerpiece for the stack. This gives the eye a place to focus on and attracts attention to one’s carefully chosen necklaces. They set the tone for the stack and can inspire fashion creativity. Suitable focal points exhibit colorful gemstones, large pendants, and other attention-getting elements.

Balancing the focal point with its accent pieces can be challenging. A giant, dynamic pendant paired with other spectacular pieces can be distracting. Make sure to surround extra-extravagant centerpieces with slender jewelry. Of course, you can pick smaller focal points and surround it with more luxurious and opulent pieces – just make sure you don’t overshadow the star.

A woman sitting on stairs with sunglasses, a jean jacket, shirt, bathing suit top, and several necklaces at different intervals

Watch for Tangles

Chains may be made of metal, but they can tangle like yarn. This is not only difficult to undo, but it looks messy. It is almost inevitable when layering necklaces. Take steps to avoid the tangle by wearing a few long and short necklaces, of which vary in weight.

If this doesn’t work, consider buying a detangler online. These appear as a tasteful rod on the back of one’s neck. They have little hoops on which one sets the clasp, separating them just enough so as to avoid tangles.

A woman outside with three dainty white gold necklaces layered together

Find Necklaces at Swiss Watch Gallery

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