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Essential Watch Complications

March 15th, 2023

A timepiece-loving couple holds hands with matching watches while walking through an overgrown field at sunset

Luxury watches are not only valued for theirstyle but also for their complications. These functions impart more practicality to the timepiece, allowing them to be essential companions for a multitude of lifestyles. They can range from moon phases to perpetual calendars, each providing a unique stylish accent and a handy tool. There are dozens of complications available that can elevate the wearer’s everything.


A chronograph is a truly essential complication. They impart a stopwatch function to the timepiece, a useful tool in all sorts of situations. Are you an athlete and want to check your runtime? Try a chronograph. Baking a cake and cannot remember how long it has been in the oven? Check the watch. Feel like a meeting is going on forever? Prove yourself wrong with your timepiece.

A TAG Heuer watch from the Quartz Chronograph collection features a simple chronograph complication

Modern chronographs usually have two buttons (or “pushers”). One resets the timer, and the other starts and pauses it. This TAG Heuer Quartz Chronograph is a great example, with the complication visible on the right side of the crown.


The GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) complication allows a timepiece to tell the minute and hour in multiple time zones. This can present itself as a subdial or as an additional hand on the dial. Regardless, GMTs can be vital for professionals, especially in today’s remote work world. Imagine never being confused about when a meeting starts because your coworkers are in other time zones.

A Carl F Bucherer watch from the Traveltec collection features a GMT complication positioned at the bottom center of the dial

This Carl F Bucherer Traveltec sports a clever GMT complication. While there are other subdials on the dial, the GMT can be seen at the bottom center. Of course, the watch features many other complications that makes it an exceptional companion.

Moon Phase

This delightful complication reveals the moon's phase, from full to new. Never again will you wonder if the moon is full or almost full. While some moon phase complications present themselves in a utilitarian design, most use charming motifs. This instills some class and intrigue into the timepiece.

A Girard-Pettegaux watch from the 1996 collection features a vintage-inspired moon phase complication

For example, this Girard-Perregaux 1966 watch has a sophisticated moon phase complication surrounded by a white dial, a crown of diamonds, and a black alligator leather strap. The moon phase provides an exceptional focal point and a helpful tool.

Perpetual Calendar

While rare, the perpetual calendar is a fantastic feat of watchmaking. It lets the watch show the whole picture of time: the month, weekday, and date. Some pieces can even take leap years into consideration. Creating perpetual calendars requires precision, craftsmanship, and gusto.

A Carl F Bucherer watch from the ChronoPerpetual collection features a perpetual calendar complication

This Carl F Bucherer ChronoPerpetual is a sublime timepiece. It exhibits a complex perpetual calendar on a classy tan dial, as well as a moon phase and chronograph. These complications impart peerless functionality to the watch. It has an 18k rose gold case paired with a brown alligator leather strap, evoking a sophisticated warm aesthetic.

Two vintage watches with alligator leather bands sit on top of a glass top coffee table

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